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I'm Trina! This is where I obsess over Cherik and reblog a lot of art. This blog is a mixed bag of anything I find interesting, beautiful, or funny. Sometimes I post bad fanart late at night. I write things too.

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  • ungoliantschilde:

    Simone Bianchi ~ the Designi Bonelli Portfolio, featuring the Italian characters Dylan Dog and Nathan Never.

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  • i’m here to keep you safe, sam. i want to help you. — (moon 2009)

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  • annabellioncourt:


    I’m jumping on the “Tulio and Miguel look like Loki and Thor” bandwagon really late, but I couldn’t help myself. 

    That horse is two seconds away from jumping ship.


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  • PSA: Removing Reposts, Cherik Edition


    There have been steaming tons of reposts in the Cherik tag. What can OPs do about it?

    Instead of asking the reposter to take down your stolen art, hit up this link:

    and fill out the form.

    It’s better to say nothing to the reposter until after you’ve submitted the form and their repost has been removed. Why? If the reposter deletes their repost, the reblogs live on. However, when Tumblr removes the repost it also deletes all the reblogs.

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  • jeriais:

    Ronan and Crystalia Amaquelin Commission for plavapticica! Really had fun on this one.

    Commissions link is still on my page if you’re interested ;^)


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  • drwotwot:

    I got my first tattoo yesterday! It definitely hurt, but not as much as I expected.

    The quote and sword are both from Pacific Rim, my favourite movie. I wanted to get something to always remember a decision I made four years ago that I would keep moving forward. I also wanted something to honor all of the support I receive every day from my friends and family, because Pacific Rim is a story about giant robots fighting giant monsters, but it is also about having to build connections and relationships with other people in order to overcome your problems, and I wouldn’t have made it without the people in my life.

    Also, I just wanted something that would look awesome, and I’m incredibly pleased with how this turned out.

    Design was commissioned from wheninromero who did a kickass job. Inked by Matt at Virtue Tattoo which was a great first experience. Sorry for such a long post but I’m really excited about this!

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  • vantasticmess:





    Amazing Jurassic Park cosplay. I’m dying. Via Gamma Squad.

    omg the video of them going around the con is HILARIOUS

    Go faster. Must go faster.

    This is the true spirit of cosplay

    a full grown man riding in a Power Wheel modified to look like a Jurassic Park truck

    with a lady in a raptor suit chasing him all over the convention

    everyone else go home.

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